Positive and Negative aspects of Computer Technology

Answering machines, voice mail, pagers, computers, Internet services, cellular phones, and compact disks are just some of the new technologies that have been developed within the past few decades. These developments will change the way Americans live forever. Technology is changing very rapidly. As the future approaches, more and more new technology will be coming forth and effecting everyone in some way. The new computer age has many advantages. Though along with its advantages, comes disadvantages. Computers have varying effects on society, both positive and negative.

The technology Revolution will effect many people. Computers are becoming more prominate in businesses, schools and even personal homes. Many families have invested in personal computers to help to do tasks such as keeping the budget balanced, to write papers and for entertainment purposes.

Many schools have adopted the idea of bringing computers into the classrooms. “In the classroom, where youngsters are being introduced to the machines as early as kindergarten, they astound-and often outpace-their teachers with their computer skills.” (Golden, 219) Educating students about computer literacy is an important aspect for the upcoming generation. Computer literacy will become just as important for people to understand as reading, writing and arithmetic are. The world is becoming a wireless, digital, computer oriented society. Typing skills will be essential. Computers are everywhere and everyone must be educatedand aware of the power they posses.

There are some people who think computers are overpowering andare afraid to approach and try using a computer. But in reality, computer programmers are designing the computers so that they are more and more user friendly. As Chris Schumann, a sixteen year old at West High School in Wausau, Wis., said: “It looked real friendly. It wasn’t this ominous thing but something you could get close to.” (Forester, 218) Nick Newman, a fifteen year old at Ridgewood, NJ stated that: “The more you do on the machine the more enjoyable it gets. It becomes habit-forming.” (Forester, 218)

For the most part, computers are having a positive effect on society. Unfortunately there is a negative side to this glamorous revolution, electronic fraud. “The opportunities for creative fraud are vastly greater than they used to be.” (Baig, Business week, Nov. 14, `94)

“Computer crime can be enormously profitable.” (Logsdon, 162) The temptation is great for many who are computer geniuses. “The average lifted in an embezzlement involving computers is $430,000-and it is not uncommon for the total to go considerably higher.” (Logsdon, 163)Computer embezzlement can be very profitable with literally hundreds of thousand of dollars right at their fingertips. Many computer embezzlers are not caught, if they are, it is usually only by chance. Also those who embezzle and are caught usually “escape prosecution because the institutions they rob prefer to avoid the unfavorable publicity of a public trial.” (Logsdon, 164-5) This leads to the question of trust and privacy. When will new technology come out with a new program to help protect citizens of fraud and give them a sense of privacy? There are still some flaws that need to be worked out with the new computer revolution. As someone had written on the internet: “The ultimate authority of a claim to my identity is me and my credibility.” (Internet source #1) It is up to the individual whether or not to believe what has been said and by whom it was said.

The future holds great potential for the quickly developing computer revolution. This change will greatly effect Americans and the way they think and live. The change “includes computers, of course, but is not limited to them as technology includes all new knowledge.” (Internet resource #2) During this time of change, everyone will be effected in some way or another. We do not know yet to what extent it will change lives. For the most part though, computer technology has its positive and negative aspects. Hopefully with time, the flaws and bugs will be worked out and the end result will be that the Computer Revolution is positive and nothing but positive for America.

I think that Computers are becoming more prominate in businesses,schools and even personal homes. Many families have invested in personal computers to help to do tasks such as keeping the budget balanced, to write papers and for entertainment purposes. Computers are now becoming more and more important to people and some of the people are not because they think that computer’s could their children from the time they spend setting on it and could bring for them brain cancer and it could lead children to open any site that is an appropriate and make them do stuff they should not do. In my opinion I think that computers are great technology and bad technology if we use it in the wrong way…




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